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What Is A Kit Home

Simply put it is a house that has been pre-packed, parts numbered and delivered in one or 2 loads ready to be installed. The design of your home is entirely up to you, choose from one of the existing designs, modify them or start from scratch! Your "Home Sweet Home" will be delivered to any part of Australia, from remote WA to QLD and NSW to the east.

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Need Double Glazed Windows?

Double glazing has now become a thing of the past with new laminated glass options becoming available.

Laminated glass has been developed to maximise transparency, solar control performance, noise levels and high fire levels.

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The Designs

This website contains a variety of kit home designs from various kit home suppliers. Kit Homes Nation-Wide aims to provide a comprehensive resource and assist buyers with finding their dream home. You will also find a variety of prefab homes. Prefabricated homes are made with a timber frame and fully built off site then delivered to your property.

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Owner Builder

By Becoming An Owner Builder You Can Save Thousands

Many owners choose to lend a hand or manage the construction process. This is the ideal way to build your kit home and to reduce costs. Owner builder courses provide the right training and certification to ensure that all relevant regulations are adhered to and often can be completed on line and within a couple of days.

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Building your own home? Check out the step by step process or building your own kit home. [More Info]

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More people are choosing to stay or move in with family. Building a granny flat in your back yard is the perfect solution. [Granny Flats]

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Click here to view our range of kit homes and prebuilt homes. [Photo Gallery]

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In general however, the kit includes all materials required for lockup but does not include on-site labour, transport and delivery charges [More]

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