Eaves and Gables

Step 14. Eaves and Gables.

Depending on if you're using Hardiplank or brick veneer on your home's cladding will determine the procedure you'll adopt to frame up eaves and gables. Your eaves are made from fibro cement sheeting called Hardiflex and will be supplied with the rest of your external cladding. The eaves and gables will need to be installed prior to the external cladding being fixed.

Framing up eaves and gables
Fixing Eaves


The Process

  1. Frame up eaves and gables and fix Soffit Lining by referring to the instructions supplied.
  2. PVC joiners are generally used when connecting two sheets of hardiflex eave sheeting together.
  3. Your fascia has groove recessed into the inside face which is designed to carry the eave sheeting.
  4. This will need to be painted at some stage so it is often advisable to paint while scaffolding is in place.

Note: Different procedure in eave construction is dependent on what kind of cladding you're using.

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