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Step 15. Services Contractors.

Call your plumber, electrician, TV and telecom pre wire contractors to run the necessary pipe and cabling inside your frames. If your home is being built in an estate or modern community you may also have community TV or some special services that require pre-wiring and connection. Contact these parties during this stage also.

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TV and telecom pre wire contractors


Electrician - After the roof has been completed, the electrician can pre-wire the house. Give special thought to the position and placement of lights, light switches, power points, and the position of the circuit breaker board and meter box. Go into each room and mark on the floor with a felt pen, an arrow pointing to the position of the switch or plug. Also write whether it is a plug or switch, mark single or double and the height above the floor. Mark onto the floor the position of the light with a circle. After you have completed the setting out, mark it all onto a photocopy of the floor plan for your file and give a copy to the electrician. The electrician will also fit the TV cable. Make sure he understands that this is to be included when he gives you a quotation. Check the quantities of power plugs, remember it is easier to fit an extra one now before the lining has been fixed. The Electrician will pre-wire out all cables and grommets will be used where the cable passes through the steel framing.

Service Contractors


Telecom - Advise Telstra and dthey will pre-wire for phones. Mark on the floor the same as for the electrician. Time is right to consider an extra internet line.

Plumber - The plumber can now do the rough-in, or fit all the pipes into the walls. Liaise with the plumber as to the type of bath (whether standard or sp), basins/vanity unit etc as there may be different fittings or heights of taps. The plumber may also use grommets in the steel framing where the pipes pass through, or he may simply silicone them in place. Either way is acceptable.

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