Council Approvals Process

Step 4. Council Approvals.

Once you've designed your home, got your owner builder license and have preliminary finance approval, it's time to get your plans into council to get your approval as soon as possible. Some councils can take a very long time to get an approval back to you and depending on the area you are in could reject your design. This is why it is important to get your plans in as soon as you are happy with them.

Council Approvals


The council approval process

  1. Plans, engineering and insurances should be submitted to the private certifier
  2. This is assessed by the private certifier and forwarded to the relevant council for plumbing approval
  3. Also if there are any relaxations or special approvals this will be done at this time
  4. Plumbing approval comes back from council and any relaxations come back from council
  5. Private certifier assesses and approves plans
  6. approved plans go back to council
  7. Receipt from council is received by certifier and plans are released to you

Every council differs in relation to processing times depending on their work load, time of the year applications are submitted and whether or not the application is straight forward.

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