Home Designs

Step 1. Designing Your Home

Kit Home design. Select one of our existing plans or decide to design a home from scratch. Your plans need to fit your block and your budget which means getting contours, engineering reports and a quote. To get this stage started you must have paid your token preliminary fee. Then it's time to sign the standard contract and let our team prepare full requirments for council.

Plan for DIY Kit Homes

Land Details

First we'll order a contour survey and soil test of your block so that you can see what home will fit on your land and what kind of home will take full advantage of your block's slope and/or aspect. Someone from our team will get this started for you. They will also assist you in obtaining an engineer's report for your land.

House Design

Pre-designed kit house plans from our standard range are complimentary. You are also able to get an instant quote here to help you cost up a design you are interested in before going too far with a design you may not be able to afford. If you require an original design, call our head office to arrange an appointment with our architect and in-house design team. There is no charge in designing your home from scratch or editing an existing plan to suit your needs.


You'll then select from a choice of finishes for your home including cladding options, colour choices for roofing and windows etc... You'll do this with the help of one of our staff members. At this stage a specifications sheet is produced.

Kit Home Design


Once you have selected all of your finishes we will produce a full quote for you to approve, a contract will then be forwarded to you for signing and you will then into the finance stage.

Other Requirments

Once you have worked with our design team to get a plan you are happy with and contracts are signed, we will produce the following requirments in preparation for council:

  1. Council prepared plans
  2. Engineering certificates
  3. Structural floor frame drawings (if applicable)
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