Story: Kithomes

2020-04-02 13:56:35



Bulky fibre batts, heavy rolls of foil sarking, itchy installation, air borne fibre dust and double the handling.

Mana Kit Homes now uses a variety of thermal blankets that replace the traditional bulky fibre batts and foil sarking.

Insulation blankets are an easy to use solution for the entire building. The application of the blanket can be in the roof cavity, to wrap the external walls and under a sub-floor.

The thermal blanket is a 3 in 1 or 4 in 1 material which gives:

Installation is made simple and fast with a thermal blanket as it is simply rolled out, cut to length and overlapped or taped.

Using a thermal blanket has the benefits of being fibre free and it meets the V.O.C. requirements having no volatile organic compounds being released.

Thermal blankets are BAL compliant and can be used in bushfire prone zones.

Thermal blankets meet and, in some part, exceed the Australian building standards being very suited to a steel framing system.

All our kits now use a thermal blanket as our standard insulation.