Plumbing Tips & Tricks


Story: Anita

2022-08-08 11:08:57

Plumbing Tips & Tricks


Take pictures of the wiring and plumbing in each wall before sheeting goes up. You will be glad you have when you need work done in the future. The images will help trades find the services and help other trades avoid damaging the services.


Wet Wall Sharing: A wet wall is a term used by builders and plumbing contractors denoting a wall that contains the water and sewer lines.

Designing your home to utilise one wet wall for several applications can save money by reducing the amount of plumbing materials and labour required to install them.

By putting the bathrooms, kitchens and laundry room in close proximity reduces the length of the piping needed to be bought and installed because then they can all share parts of the same system.

Remember to consider external outlets and taps for sheds, a garden hose, outdoor kitchen and swimming pool. Future planning your plumbing will save a lot of time and money when it comes to making new additions to your home such as the above mentioned luxuries.