Are You King of your Castle? How to Prepare for Your Kit Home – Part 1


2022-08-07 17:28:05


In the next few posts we’ll guide you through the kit home process to get it standing and family ready. Building your own kit home might lend some weight to the phrase “King of the Castle”, seeing as you helped build it with your own hands. Below we’ll look at the first, and probably one of the most important steps of building your own kit home: kit home design.

Start by Choosing Your Land

Since the beginning of human civilisation, even before our sprawling cities, site location took careful consideration for any group of individuals that wanted to settle down. Was there any clean water sources in the vicinity? What about food supplies and sufficient natural resources to provide them with the tools and materials they needed to survive? Finding water isn’t hard nowadays, but there are other things to take into consideration when choosing a site for your brand new kit home. Take a pen and a piece of paper, and do a bit of planning – the more extensive your planning, the more informed your choice will be. Your list should include:

Equally important is the aesthetic qualities of your soon-to-be new neighbourhood. After all, when you’re not at work or out shopping, that’s where you’ll spend most of your time. If you still haven’t found the right building block, go to and get it now!

Design Your Kit Home

Once early civilisations started discovering their own creativity, they applied it to just about anything and everything they could find – rock faces, trees, weapons, cutlery and, of course, their houses. Today we’ve got the computing power to produce stunning designs of fully functional, beautiful family homes in a relatively short time.

Get Creative with your Kit Home

Your new kit home’s design is entirely up to your own creativity. You can either choose an existing design, customise an existing design for your family’s needs, or start from scratch to design that castle you’ve always wanted.

Make Sure it Fits

In order to finalise your design you will need to order a contour survey and a soil test of the site you’ll build on. You’ll also get an engineer’s report which is usually organised by your kit homes supplier. This is to make sure your home will be structurally sound.

It’s Time to Seal the Deal

When all have been said and done, a formal quote is produced, the contract drawn up and the necessary documentation procured for submission to the council. Congratulations – You are now closer to becoming the King (or Queen) of your very own castle! Get started today by choosing your kit home design