My Termite Horror Story & Why I Chose Steel Kit Homes


2022-08-07 16:41:52


I was very young when I decided to sell my first home, and was unaware of the responsibilities that went with it. I simply thought that I would call the Real Estate Agency, they would come out, inspect my property, and we’d go from there. Oh, quite the contrary, that wasn’t the case at all. Excluding the fact, the Agency did indeed send their “Grim Reaper” better known as the inspector. That’s when it was brought to my attention, that I in-fact had a termite infestation. I was clueless to having a problem at all. I thought my house was in perfect condition.

Sadly, I was wrong. My house seemed to be over run by colonies of Subterranean termites. He might as well have been speaking French to me, for I still didn’t understand. Afterwards, I was informed, that I would be responsible for the costs of getting rid of them pesky little varmints. That tacked on over $2,000.00 to my closing costs, which at that time, I also had no knowledge of its meaning. However, you might say, after that experience, I have been well educated, and quickly learned the meaning of both, and what they can bestow upon you, both financially, and stressfully.  Therefore,  after losing a substantial amount of  money, due to pest control. I took a different approach to home shopping this time around. I did what everyone else was doing, and surfed the net. I came across millions of useful resources, and I wouldn’t find out just how big the advantages were until I seen Steel Kit Homes. I became intrigued by the idea, from the first time I read they were termite resistant. I did not want history to repeat itself. Therefore, I did some research.  I couldn’t believe it, they were indeed termite resistant, plus I was given the opportunity to design my home. In addition to this, my new termite free home, that I designed, with my own little hands, would be delivered to my property site in a matter of weeks. Then I thought, wait a minute girly, this sounds too good to be true. Suddenly, my granny’s words came speaking to me from out of nowhere. “ If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.” I almost dismissed the idea for that reason alone, and that’s where a lot of people go wrong, and  make the same mistake. However, I decided to research it further, and  much to my surprise, everything I was reading about these magnificent homes proved to be true. I am now living in a very stylish, energy efficient, not to mention environmentally friendly, and much more importantly termite free home, plus I still have money in the bank. I am 100% positive that if you put a little time and effort into researching Steel Kit Homes, your outcome will prove to be as wonderful as mine. Oh, and I have to add one more thing. Ha, Granny I proved ya wrong! Sorry I couldn’t resist.